Rick Nease


The New CD is Now Available for Download

Step right up and get Rick's latest EP, HOLE IN THE HEAD. "This highly anticipated new album is Rick's most heartfelt and autobiographical to date. Mixing folk-rock with shimmering electric guitars has produced another well-crafted album from an extraordinary artist." - CDBaby

"Once again, I teamed up with Producer Jason Kuehn, along with guitarist Robert Tye, Vic Spicer on drums, EJ Wells engineering. Plus I was so fortunate to add Julie Spicer on keys and Lou Wysocki on bass. Together I think I put out some of my best music.There are 2 tracks here, I KNOW and ILLUSTRATOR that I wrote while I was with BadMonkey. I always wanted to record those and I'm so glad I did.  There's some autobiographical tracks like HOLE, EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU NOW and CHELSEA, TELL ME. The track, SWAMP THING was done entirely at home while I was playing around with loops and such. It's a cool story song I think you'll dig." - Rick Nease